nia’s bright spot in dickinson. week 2.

well, its official friends: wednesday has now become my favorite favorite favorite day of the week because of this wonderful opportunity that i have to visit, recognize, and showcase the ‘bright spot of the week’ every week as nominated by you, our favorite fans of dickinson. so without further ado, i am proud to announce that this weeks ‘bright spot’ is.. (drum roll please)

moe moe’s garden baby boutique!

 i had the splendid chance to visit with jayme heick today about this awesome store she recently opened in downtown dickinson.

the first question i of course had to ask was where that adorable name came from.. with a name that cute i knew there had to be a sweet story behind it, and there sure was.
‘moe moe’s garden’ came to be in part by her beautiful daughter ramona. ramona’s young cousins had trouble saying her name hence giving her the nickname ‘moe moe’. the word ‘garden’ is in reference to the stores encouragement of earth and environment friendly options in products and lifestyle.

here i am with jayme and the one and only ‘moe moe’. precious!


what inspired her to open this store in dickinson?
the opportunity to offer this experience to dickinson providing additional options for families of young children.
oh boy, does she have some fabulous ideas for the near future including classes, groups, playdates and so much more. check out her facebook page more information. this store really will make dickinson a better place. yay!


what is jayme’s favorite product in store?
but if she did have to pick just one favorite it would be the ju.ju.be diaper bags. very cute and oh so functional.




the most useful can’t live without product in store?
planetwise wet bags. little machine washable dreams. perfect for wet/dirty diapers, cloth diapers, spilled on/spitup on clothing, sweaty gym clothes, swimsuits.. you name it, anything and everything. just plop it in the bag and zip it up; no smell, no germs, no contamination.. perfect!


customers favorite pick?
lifefactory glass bottles.
let me tell you from personal experience, these bottles are fantastic. the colors are way cool and they pretty much last forever growing with you as you start your babies on the bottles and updgrade the nipples as they grow. then, you just switch the top off of the same bottle to the sippy topper. when they outgrow that, they are a basic drinking glass bottles. wow! every stage, baby through adults. (plus they were even featured in last weeks ‘us weekly’ buzz worthy products!)

of course i had to take my turn and go shopping for my favorite item to share with you..
and believe me, shopping is something i feel very confident that i am quite good at.

this, however, was not an easy task to narrow down the super options to just one special favorite.. from the very cute clothes, baby legs (halle berry is a big fan!), nursing gear, boba carriers, lotions and baby care, blankets (aiden and anais swaddle – incredible!) cloth diapers and accessories, kids dishes (love!), hair pieces, chew beads for mommys to wear and babies to safely chew on, discovery toys offering layers of learning and so much fun… yes, i could just go on and on! but at the end of the shopping experience, i had to hold true and find you my one favorite, and i am very proud to share with you..

bison booties!

friends, these are as good as it gets! and even better yet, they are made in mandan, nd. they are pretty much the cutest thing ever, are so unbelievably soft and they actually stay on those little feet.  skip the socks that keep falling off and treat that special lil one true bliss on their toesies. i only wish they came in my size!


in addition to the fantastic products you can already shop for in store, there are new products arriving all the time. some of the sneak peek ‘products that i totally need!’ coming in are:

amber baltic teething necklaces
*what is this you may ask.. ( i did! ) ‘a baltic amber teething necklace is made for wearing (not chewing) when a baby is teething. the warmth from the skin releases the active ingredient in the baltic amber, succinic acid. recent scientific research has proved that succinic acid has a very positive influence on the human body. it improves immunity and the balance of acids when absorbed into the bloodstream; it stimulates the thyroid glands to help reduce drooling and soothes red inflamed cheeks. amber’s anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are recognized by allopathic medicine as a natural analgesic, which will help to relieve teething pain and calm a baby without resorting to drugs. the skin’s warmth releases healing oils from the amber, a resin, which is absorbed into the bloodstream.’ yup, sign me up, i am totally sold on it already!

piggy paint
*finger and toe nail polish and remover; nox toxic, odor free, safe for kids.. and as natural as mud! cute!

*moe moe’s garden will now carry all things melaluca. the wellness company sharing greener, cleaner living for home, health, and life.


well, all good things have to come to an end i suppose. but, first i just have to leave you with this priceless image from today..

as any mom that has brought her children into the store knows, it is pretty much impossible to get them to leave. they have an incredibly fun play area full of toys and activities to captivate children and allow them to make wonderful memories that they will never forget.. or want to leave! as jayme noticed this struggle parents were having, she came up with the wonderful idea of a penny market that she placed conveniently by the door to help parents in distracting their children to get to pick a fun prize for a penny all the while assisitng the parents in getting their kids out the door. that makes me (and the kids) smile. brilliant, she is!

i hope you enjoyed this look into moe moe’s garden located at 32 1st avenue west here in dickinson. be sure to stop in and check it out tuesdays-fridays from 9am-530pm and saturdays from 10am-4pm. from my personal experience at moe moe’s garden, i can honestly say it is truly a blessing to have a store like this with someone who really cares about and appreciates her clients and takes care of them treating them like family and helping to encourage them and offer them more than just a product. jayme, it was such a pleasure, i thank you for allowing me to blog all things moe moe! 

happy shopping!

nia home.






nia’s fab 5

hello again friends! i am here with your monday fab five week 2. grab a cup of coffee and join me as i give you 5 bonuses of choosing the real estate co.

aside from the standard advertising of being in the monthly preview (which is a great read by the way! if you need one stop on in, we have them at our office all the time) the dickinson press and advertizer.. we do a whole lot more.. a lot more ‘outside the box’ for you my friends. i thought itd be great for yall to take a closer look..

5. the real estate co’s very own youtube channel & twitter account

www.youtube.com/therealestateco    &   www.twitter.com/dknrealestateco

we are more than excited about the possibilities of these wonderful social media exposures. we love having the ability to podcast and share a little bit more about the real estate world and all things dickinson with you through these fantastic outlets. if youve noticed we also like to give you a sneak peek into how much fun we have being a part of the real estate co. too! if you like what you see, you let us know, we have been testing the waters with all of these possibilities and love love love to hear if you are a fan!


4. our website


we cant wait to share our revamped site in the next short while. we think you are going to love it even more!! you can find everything listed in our entire mls as well as get to meet this fabulous team and links to all things dickinson.


3. facebook


have we mentioned how much we appreciate each and everyone of our super friends on facebook who give us the wonderful opportunity to pop into your lives (or your newsfeeds) daily to share whats going on with us, new listings, fun games, prizes, trivia and more. this is truly the place to be. heres the sneak peek at our feb. facebook campaign.


2. the real estate co. mobile app

who wouldnt love to have the entire mls in the palm of your hand anytime, anywhere. just text the letters trec to 87778 or scan this and there you are. how cool is that?!

my favorite part of the real estate co. mobile app (besides that its free! yipee!) is that it can use your current location and list the houses closest to where you are in order of location. so, if theres a certain area of town you’d like to live in or if you would like to take your very own drive by tour of listed homes in dickinson its absolutely perfect!


1. the real estate co. showcase

the real estate co. is proud to have the opportunity to showcase our exclusive listings on the real estate co. showcase in conjuction with consolidated channel 18. you can check it out on sundays from 9am-5pm on consolidated channel 18 or anytime online at http://www.ctctel.com/local_prog_realestate.asp. what a great show it is! we feel so blessed to hear how much you all love it and look forward to watching it! keep on tuning in!



so, there you are, the fab 5 real estate co. exposures going above and beyond the norm to offer you the very best here in dickinson and sw nd. i hope this leaves you thinking, ‘um. yeah. why wouldn’t i work with the real estate co?!’
wait a second.. maybe this blog could be part of this fab 5.. is that even possible?? hmm.. i do personally think its quite cool that the real estate co. has its own blog… but, since im not one who likes to toot my own horn.. i’ll leave that up to you to decide! lol!




until next time,

nia home.