North Dakota Homeowners Can Save Up to $500 on Taxes

January 16, 2024

North Dakota homeowners, finding out about tax cuts

In an unprecedented move to alleviate the financial burdens of its citizens, the state of North Dakota is rolling out a new tax relief program for homeowners. The initiative, known as the Primary Residence Credit (PRC), aims to provide substantial property tax credits in 2024. This move is a part of a broader effort by North Dakota to offer financial relief and support to its residents amid economic challenges.

The PRC program, established under House Bill 1158 during the 2023 Legislative Session, is designed to be inclusive and accessible. Homeowners across the state, regardless of their age or income, are eligible to apply for a tax credit of up to $500 against their property taxes. This broad eligibility criterion is a key feature of the program, ensuring that a wide demographic of North Dakotans can benefit from this initiative.

The PRC is open to all North Dakota homeowners who use their property as their primary residence. This includes houses, mobile homes, townhomes, duplexes, or condominiums. The broad eligibility criteria for this program reflect the state’s inclusive approach, ensuring that a diverse range of homeowners can benefit.

To apply for the PRC, homeowners need their Social Security number and their parcel identification number. The parcel number can be found on the property tax statement, on the county’s website, by calling the county, or online via the County Property Tax Portal. This straightforward application process, which must be completed online, demonstrates North Dakota’s efforts to make tax relief accessible and hassle-free.


 North Dakota Homeowners Can Save Up to $500 on Taxes


What makes the PRC particularly appealing is that it imposes no age restrictions or income limitations. This detail is crucial as it opens the door for many homeowners who might not typically qualify for other tax relief programs. The state’s decision to remove these barriers underlines its intention to support a wide demographic, ensuring that the benefits of the program are felt across the community.

Each household is eligible for one Primary Residence Credit. This limitation is strategic, aiming to extend the benefit to as many households as possible. It’s a clear indicator of the program’s goal to maximize its impact throughout the state.

The PRC is not just a temporary reprieve but a significant measure to help homeowners with their 2024 property tax obligations. The state’s proactive stance in offering such a credit is a reflection of its understanding of the challenges faced by homeowners and its commitment to providing tangible solutions.

Applications for the PRC are open now and will be accepted through March 31, 2024. This window gives homeowners ample time to take advantage of the credit, but it’s advisable to apply early to ensure the process is completed without any hitches.

The Office of the North Dakota Tax Commissioner is the primary source for information on the PRC. Their website offers detailed guidance on the application process and answers to frequently asked questions. Homeowners seeking to reduce their financial burden in the coming year are encouraged to visit for more information and to apply.

In conclusion, the Primary Residence Credit is a significant step by North Dakota in supporting its homeowners. It’s a clear message from the state that it values its residents and is actively working to improve their financial well-being. This credit is not just a tax relief measure; it’s a symbol of North Dakota’s commitment to fostering a supportive and resilient community.