Originally from Florida, Anne moved to Dickinson to be with her fiancé, Mike. She grew up surrounded by family members who were very active in real estate, including her mom and dad. Anne first became a realtor in Florida, where her parents also are now active real estate agents. Before starting her career in Florida, Anne and her family had moved seven times together–making her own move to Dickinson her eighth! Along the way, she has been involved in flipping properties, managing rentals, and learning to become a dedicated realtor with the help of her loving family and brokerage. In her spare time, Anne enjoys hiking, fishing, exercising, and exploring new places with her friends and fiancé. Anne is dedicated to making the most out of everything she sets her mind to and is determined to help you make the most out of your real estate journey. Let her know today how she can help you out, and get ready to find the property of your dreams!